Thursday, April 23, 2009

1st trial~

kesiannyer saye...nk tls blog pon x reti..lupe nk save td ,,,then kena wat balik..idea pon da ilang...sbr jerlaaa cik ima ooii..

actually i nk cter sket pasal my 1st day at True Fitness ptg td..Pntnyer...Ya Allah...Tuhan jer yg tau,,even i did the basic2 exercise while tough trainer assist me pon..pntnyer mcm lari 100 pusingan padang...maner x nyer ..da lamer glew x exercise..dulu pon time 2ndary school jer i aktif gk ngan hoki..bnda lain i x minat...*pdhal xder bakat*hehe..tibe2 tingat time i nk try2 main netball..knonnyer nk jd 'girl'ish laa kn.. maner taknyer dulu i mmg agk boyish..bkn tomboy nmpak mmg i x seswai laa main netball..kerana saye ni tgn bangku (ader ker peribahasa tu?)melalut da saya ni..erm..till now rase bdn lenguh2..kesian saya xper..tu br 1st challenge...nk kurus semula,kena la smgt...n saya mau show(bkn show off yer)kt my sis..mane taknyer asik kutuk my big arm jerk...she said i mcm tenis player laa..mcm perenang laa..siot jerk kan..when she know i sign up ngan true fitness,dgn sillynyer she said"jgn hangat2 taik ayam plak yer,byr mhl2 tp bdn makin gemok"..agk pedas..but i juz take it as spirit laa kan..chaiyok!!

n i hav some info to share..maybe not all people know...FAT only can burn within kalo less than 20 minutes we exercise mcm nk glew pon..fat ttp xmo burn stubborn the MR FAT kn..ish2...

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